Life imitates Art

The Kindle is sort of a double edged beast.

On the one hand it provides you with an all in one elctric storage device that lets you keep and read all of your novels, papers and other purchased text products in one easy to use, operate and maintain device.

On the other hand it uses DRM. DRM, or Digital Rights Management, is sort of the post modern devil. With DRM companies no longer sell you the media (the book or publication) but access to it. Access that they maintain sole ownership and controll of.

Well what does that mean? It means they can take their media back at any time for any reason. It means they can limit the number of times you can access the media, it means that as long as they have some wierd clause like “we reserve the right to modify this agreement at anytime without notifying you” they have said rights.

For instance you can check here and here, to see some of the pitfalls of DRM.

Welcome to theĀ  post-modern corperate ownership culture.

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