Hume's Other Fork

Blood goes in


your face, ediface
a front for so many things,
like my happiness

Brush off the dust

brush off the dust chum!
it is time to remember
the old victories

Don’t Look Here


Welcome Home Madame
I hope you like what I’ve done
your place is my place.

Filler and More


Remember, curl up!
It’s too cold to go alone!
Stay warm out there chums.

Who Knows What Rings


Good ideas for you,
or anyone really, true.
Let us stay grounded

Second Verse


same as the first son!
The profit in fire’s kiss,
a lesson for us.

Always Sounds Good

dance around flames
scream yourself horse tonight love
dawn always comes, soon.

Tsar of Malware


they days tick by fast
and now we find ourselves light,
soft as angels, ha!

Some Stumbles

again few stumbles,
don’t be too disappointed,

More than He Deserves


with dark eyes and brow
we stumble against the dawn
now alright now safe