Hume's Other Fork

It’s that kind of Day Girl

Some days she creeps up,
Others like a hurricane!
I love her saunter.

How Healthy are you?The Wisdom of Health

Remember His Face


cousin of today
remember this moment and him
he will be gone soon

Not Back From the Dead


From Me to you, you
crazy Spammer person who
just wants the dollars

Future Mutilated Corpse


his revels soon done
mutilated and lonely
a mirror for us

A Striking Resembelance


The Drone goes on
and we sit
new darts are thrown at old chalk boards
someone missed the whole point

Remediate before you Mediate?


Address these issues
Stare into the abyss of
another meeting

The Smell Test


red faced and ready
we watch the wet clouds roll in
pregnant promise, soon.

Soft As Cheese He Is


New Jerusalem,
Is this the view from hell or…
Monochrome Jersey?

Something funny


pretty funny mate,
it’s something for everyone,
hope you like laugh too.

Friday Comes Around Again

friday coffee

now slow and steady
no longer a daily chore
kiss me kindly girl